We are excited to announce AlertMe, a new credit-monitoring service designed to help members fight
identity theft which is a growing problem that affects millions of Americans.  AlertMe gives early warning
of activity on your credit report. Since credit report activity can be a sign of possible identity theft, early
detection can help you catch problems quickly to minimize losses.

AlertMe monitors your Experian credit file daily. New accounts, credit cards over the credit limit, and
address changes are just a few of the items AlertMe monitors.  If an activity occurs, AlertMe will send
you an email alerting you to the activity.  You can log into the AlertMe Web site to read details about
the activity and determine if it is suspicious. AlertMe will also send an email to remind you to order your
annual free credit reports.

The AlertMe cost is $4.25 month. Quarterly and annual plans are available at a reduced rate. To
enroll or learn more, simply click on the AlertMe logo below.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the fee for ‘AlertMe’ and what benefits come with this service?
The cost for ‘AlertMe’ is $4.25 per month. This cost includes: daily monitoring of your credit bureau, email
notification of credit activity, identity theft insurance and an annual reminder to order your free credit

2. Does fraud happen often enough to sign up for this service?
Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Billions of dollars fall prey to identity theft
each year. This service provides an additional level of valuable information to use in assessing whether
fraud is occurring within your finances and/or credit history.

3. How long do I have to keep this service before I can cancel?
‘AlertMe’ can be cancelled at any time; it is set up on a month-by-month basis.

4. How does a member cancel the AlertMe subscription?
Members can cancel by calling AlertMe Customer Services at (888) 887-3193

5. On the introductory page, it states it will ask me to answer questions about my Experian credit
report in order to verify my identity. Do I need to pull my credit report before signing up?
No, you do not need to pull your credit report prior to signing up. The questions asked are taken directly
from your financial history. The system takes some of this information and presents it in a multiple choice
format for you to verify. You should be able to provide answers to these questions just by looking at the
multiple choice answers provided.  If you were to pull a credit report on your own, they would ask you similar
question types to verify your identity.

6. Why do I need to enter so much personal information to enroll in this program?  Is my
information secure? Can I sign up over the phone so I don’t have to transmit my personal
information over the internet?
In order for the system to properly verify you, provide you with correct information, and properly set up your
credit monitoring, certain personal information is required for you to complete online during the enrollment
process. The Credit Union would not encourage you to release personal information in a place that would
compromise your security. Personal information has to be obtained by ‘AlertMe’ in order to properly set up
your credit monitoring.

7. How secure/private is this service to be giving so much information?
In order for the Credit Union to recommend this service, we required this product to meet the same security
standards we set. We wouldn’t encourage our members to submit sensitive personal information to a
company or website that would compromise our member’s information.

8. If I fail my identity verification, how can I sign up for the program?  Does the information
reset/unlock after 24 hours?
Sign-up can only occur through the online interface. If you can’t answer the questions, you’ll need to
request a credit report from Equifax and use the information provided on the credit report.  If you are having
issues with your identity verification, you can contact ‘AlertMe’ customer services at (888) 887-3193

9. Is the user ID or password case sensitive?
Only the password is case sensitive. Case sensitive means that you must type in a password using both
‘upper’ and ‘lower’ case letters in a consistent pattern every time.  

10. I can’t remember my password/username and/or the verification questions. Can I call to get
this information?
You can contact ‘AlertMe’ customer services at (888) 887-3193

11. Who is withdrawing the fee from my account?
‘AlertMe’ is an additional service offered by the Credit Union. The associated fee is charged by the
company that runs the ‘AlertMe’ service. This company is Fiserv.

12. Why am I not given the option to pay for this service with my credit card?
You can pay for an annual subscription to AlertMe using MasterCard, Visa and ACH payment methods.  
Monthly and quarterly subscriptions need to be paid using ACH an payment method.

13. Can I pay through another bank account, i.e. National Bank?
No, at this point since the service is offered only to Credit Union members; you have to use a credit union
account for payment.

14. What format should my account number be entered in order to pay for this service?  
As with any electronic transaction, you will need to provide the account number found on the bottom center
of your checks. If you are having difficulty locating this number, or if you do not have checks, please call
850-674-4527 and a Calhoun Liberty Employees Credit Union member service representative will be able to
assist you.

15. Does a credit report get pulled every month to see if derogatory information has posted?
How does this affect my score?
‘AlertMe’ is linked with one of the nation’s top credit reporting agencies – Experian.  Experian works directly
with ‘AlertMe’ to monitor your credit bureau daily. This type of inquiry does not affect your credit score.  A
credit report is only pulled if requested by you (the member).  

16. You state I will get an e-mail informing me of any derogatory information.  Do I receive exactly
what information is reported and from where, or do I receive a generic message?
With the goal of protecting your personal information, a generic message will be emailed to you notifying
you of a credit monitoring event or change. You can then login to your ‘AlertMe’ account for more detailed

17. How do I update my e-mail address?
You will need to login to your ‘AlertMe’ account and change the email address in your profile section.

18. Can a copy of my Credit Report be ordered through ‘AlertMe’?  Will I be able to view this
report instantly?
A fee is charged if you order a copy of your Credit Report through the ‘AlertMe’ website. If you do order a
copy, this will be available to view online immediately.  (Login to your 'AlertMe' account and click onto the
date you ordered the Credit Report.) The associated charge will be issued against the specific account
registered with ‘AlertMe’. You can request your
free annual report through one of the following central
resource methods:

Telephone:     1-877-322-8228
TDD Service:  1-877-730-4104
By Mail:           Annual Credit Report Request Service,  P. O. Box 105281,  Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

19. What does the identity theft insurance cover?
The insurance provides up to $25,000 in coverage for victims of identity theft.